Our classes

30 years ago we founded our first school of English. Throughout all these years we have built the reputation of being one of the best school in South Florida. We teach English as a second language in small groups. We live and breathe English. 
In this period where all of us had to adapt to new ways of doing things, nothing has been easy for anybody, including us. However, in these 12 weeks of teaching online we have seen amazing results. Our students have accepted the challenge of studying online and they are doing extremely well. We are proud of all of them, especially the ones not so young for adapting so quickly to these changes. Technology now allows us to do even more things now in our online classes than before when our classes were in a regular classroom setting.
In order for your learning experience to go beyond your classes, all our students and teachers are connected through Whatsapp. This way everyone can practice before and after the class through text messages in English. Apart from using Whatsapp for messaging, all our students send us their homework for us to correct it after the class. We also use the audio recording feature included with Whatsapp to practice speaking. All of our teachers have been trained and know how to handle the difficult part of the class that has to do with technology so that the students can focus on learning, not technology.
We invite you to try one of our classes for free. We look forward to seeing you soon!